Year of Wonder Explores the Complexity of Human Nature and the Consequences of Human Actions

Topics: Human nature, Novel, The Plague Pages: 4 (1298 words) Published: June 29, 2011
Year of Wonder explores the complexity of human nature and the consequences of human actions “He brought the wide world with him” Anna Frith admires George Viccars for being well-travelled but does not realise that he has brought not only his knowledge of the world but also the perils of disease with him. Silhouetted against the sepulchral backdrop of the blighted Eyam, Geraldine Brooks depicts a community caught in extraordinary times in her historical novel “Year of Wonder”. The novel conveys the complications and ramifications of human nature and human actions, interwoven with the cultural value of religion and beliefs in addition to the social value of trust. Brooks illustrates that the nature suspect and distrust has stemmed from the Plague, as well as the fact that to a degree, all humans have similar nature. Whilst some responded positively to these catastrophic turn of events, others suffered server negative impact to this result of human action.

The similarities in nature between characters are evident in the novel. Through the first person narrative of Anna Frith, readers are invited to see the whole story from her perspective and insights on her own life and personality. As the intricacies of the plot unfolds, we began to see that, indeed, Anna was lost in an abyss of pain and suffering, yet in response to it, she has grown strong, no longer a child “to quail at terrors”. Since our first glimpse at her, Anna has proven herself to be a capable care-taker. Although her role is Michael Mompellion’s servant is quite circumscribed, she always goes beyond the restrict scopes of her duties in attempting to coax him out of his melancholia. She often takes on a mothering role towards Michael, as she says “treating him as if he was my child”. In result of her actions towards Mompellion, she saw the need to nurture others, even motherless child or plagued victims. As those around her starts to shrug off their responsibilities, Anna begin to shoulder more...
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